home workout for beginners

Home Workout For Beginners Fitness Plan

If you would like a progressive training routine that: Will break you in gently Will not take up a lot of your time You can do from home  Then you are in the right place Click here to learn more… I know from personal experience as a fitness trainer for other people and in my […]

quick weight loss tips

Tips for fat loss. Its’s simple! Start here…

Here are 5 tips for fat loss that you can’t afford to ignore; fat loss is a subject that crops up a whole lot in general these days, when you’re at work, when you’re out socialising; I’ve even heard people talk about it to their barber! The thing is, most people will over think fat […]

long term weight loss tips

Fast fat loss, 3 weight loss techniques to avoid

Fast fat loss, 3 weight loss techniques you should avoid! Why is it that when someone who has piled on the pounds for years on end finally decides that they want to lose weight, they look for super-fast fat loss? This frustrates me massively! It’s like me deciding that I want to become a millionaire […]

how to lose body fat

How To Lose Body Fat and get in shape

How to lose body fat is the real question…. When it comes down to it, most people who say they “want to lose weight” really mean, they want to lose body fat. There are hundreds if not thousands of money spinning ideas, theories and products that are out there to “help you lose body fat” […]

How to do push ups

Can’t do pushups but want to learn?

This is a common problem. Pushups are a great bodyweight exercise. They are a compound exercise that works a few different muscle groups, they can be used as part of a curcuit and can be done anywhere so they are very useful to have as part of your exercise routine. What muscles do I need […]

Realistic weight loss advice

If you are interested in losing a whole bunch of weight and turning your life around and want a realistic weight loss plan to follow, you need to understand what it will take to reach your goals. We would all love to be able to shed 30 – 40 pounds every week and within a […]

Weight loss exercise is easier than you think!

There are many forms of exercise; most of these forms of exercise are designed for a specific task. For example; weight loss exercise will be fairly different to exercise designed for a 100m sprinter and both weight loss exercise and 100m sprint exercise will be different to let’s say, the training a professional basketball player […]

Quick diet tips for the beginner

 A few quick diet tips for the beginner Most people at some point in their lives will make the decision to start a weight loss routine or diet. It is very easy to do this. The hard part and where most people will fail is actually sticking to it and seeing it through. If you […]

quick weight loss tips

quick weight loss tips fot the beginner If you are looking for a few quick weight loss tips, this site will help you massively. There are literally thousands of things you can do to optimise your weight loss! I will list a few in this post that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. […]

long term weight loss tips

long term weight loss tips for the beginner Whenever someone decides that they want to start a weight loss regime, they are often drawn to the latest fad or gimmick. This is a shame because I have noticed from my own experience as a fitness instructor that the good intentions are there but when these […]